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BSX Information

Faucet donation address: BDLsQtazMR5p8NjWsaDYdrSazUjyr4oUqe
Balance: 886.74190829 BSX

Q: Help! How do I start this BSX wallet crypto thingy!?
A: ANN here.

Q: How many coins can I get and how many times can I drain the pipe?
A: You can currently get between 0.10 to 1 BSX from this faucet every 10 minutes. Good luck!

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23/10/18 20:37:07BHnsQoZxtSDQDzP7kNxJvWJ5dLJBCHrkcF0.85
23/10/18 20:25:18BHnsQoZxtSDQDzP7kNxJvWJ5dLJBCHrkcF0.75
23/10/18 20:12:03B5eNBfXg3VWuowMXXkzwgxDh5x77x3xXCJ0.4
23/10/18 20:11:40BEZPtH1qJDQFExoJui26Bwai6XdMjjiWDb0.44
23/10/18 20:03:31BHnsQoZxtSDQDzP7kNxJvWJ5dLJBCHrkcF0.5

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